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Why Choose Us

Durable Castings for a Fraction of the Cost

From concept to casting, we’ll help you translate your designs into durable, high-strength steel, aluminum, brass, or bronze parts, fast – usually within 6 weeks. In the process, you’ll get design flexibility unparalleled by any other manufacturing methods – eliminate machining, welding, and fabrication operations; choose from a range of over 100 alloys to obtain precisely the properties needed. Best of all, you’ll save – tooling and per-part costs are typically fractions of what you’d pay using any other processes.

A Harbor Investment Casting Will Deliver

Precision: +/- .005 inch per inch and closer

Good Surface Finish: 125 RMS or better

Consistent Quality: no die wear, little variation casting to casting

Economical Alternatives: eliminate machining and assembly operations

Wide Range of Sizes & Quantities: an ounce to thirty pounds, ten parts to millions

Material & Design Flexibility: over 100 ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, endless shape possibilities

Harbor Castings Will Provide:

  • Timely quotes
  • Parts at economical prices
  • Quality craftsmanship on your parts
  • On-time delivery
  • Friendly customer service
  • Commitment to meeting our customer’s needs
  • No voicemails — always a live voice

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